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The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
- Rabindranath Tagore


Vows and Ceremonies

Obituaries, Eulogies, Memorials and Memoriams

Personal Histories

Speeches, Lectures, Presentations, Roasts and Tributes

Corporate or Advertising Copy and Website Content

 Affordable rates, excellent service


I work for$20 for the first hour and $15/hour after that, whether I'm writing for you or designing printed material. A set of vows or a standard obituary takes an hour or two, while a eulogy or full nuptial ceremony might take 3 - 6 hours and a custom wedding or funeral program might take 8 - 14.

I operate on the honor system: I give you an estimate and ask for a 50% deposit ($20 minimum). You pay the rest when you receive the finished product.  That way it's pretty straightforward - if you need me to add something or make changes there won't be any surprises regarding cost. Printing and publishing costs are separate from my fee, so I'll help you to factor those in when you're deciding what you want to do. I accept cash and checks when doing business in person; I can only take credit cards online, through PayPal.