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What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.
- Richard Bach, Illusions


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Writing a Eulogy: The Language of Grief

Writing a Death Notice: The Art of the Obituary



Several years ago I lost my partner suddenly and traumatically.

On the morning of his funeral, exhausted and weak, I suddenly realized that in just a few hours I would not only have to face one of the most difficult things I've ever had to endure, but somehow in the midst of it to find a way to sum everything up - his life, our love, his loss. I was overwhelmed: how could I possibly give voice to what I felt?

On many occasions before and since I've seen people speechless with grief; lost and helpless, they struggle to describe the void left behind by their beloved. I know that terrible feeling; I'd like to help you find the right words for your final farewell. We can create a fitting obituary, eulogy or memory, or I can build you a custom memorial program or even a memory-book - unique and beautiful heirloom keepsakes for those who share your loss.

I can also be part of your own end-of-life pre-planning, working with you on a final statement or personal history for your family to pass down to future generations.

We can work by email or phone or meet in person. I understand how much you have to do right now and how little time you have to do it, so I'm available at odd hours. Call between 11AM - 11PM. I'm liable to check email anytime.

Be gentle with yourself.

Not people die but worlds die in them.
- Yevgeny Yevtushenko, People

 Obituary: The death notice, meant for publication in newspapers or online news outlets. Brevity and efficiency are important; length is often a consideration.
 Eulogy: Meant to be read aloud, the eulogy is often much more involved, conversational and immediate than the obituary.
 Memorial/Tribute: A memory or tribute by someone who is not the official eulogist. Often shared aloud near the end of the service or put in written form online or in a memory-book.
 Memoriam: Memoriams are tributes published in the obituary page on a significant date such as the anniversary of someone's passing. They can contain anything you like - a favorite verse or quote, for example, or a message from you and your family.
 Funeral Program: The printed material given out at a memorial service, containing some personal information about the deceased and listing the order of the service. Many people keep them as mementos. Funeral homes usually have a variety of simple, functional templates. Custom designs can be much more personal, vividly bringing your loved one's character to mind.